Enjoy working together, better and faster

It simplifies adoption

Colmena closes the gap between Worker´s personal and professional digital experience applying the best practices from Youtube, Amazon, Instagram, Paypal, among others.

It helps everyone access what they need

Workers on the field have difficulties accessing work information and services. Colmena is a OneStopShop integrated with company systems, making everything self-service.

It makes time to focus on real value

Colmena rewards users that save time using all functionalities, and accomplish all their job´s KPIs, creating a real Meritocracy.


Colmena´s flexibility makes it effective for all kinds of distributed work forces

Colmena Field

Reduces operational costs

Colmena Sales

Increases Sale Agent performance

Colmena Staff

Reduces talent churn

Colmena Channels

Aligns distribution and sale channels


Colmena makes easier to access all the systems from one app

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